David M. Gurne
Arizona Property Sales
3040 Hemberg Drive
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
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Arizona Property Sales is designed for owners and purchasers of Arizona real estate and the agents who serve them. I spent 15 years as a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and increasingly I realized that the franchise model of real estate sales is archaic and of limited benefit. Most of the important functions performed in real estate sales are preformed by the agent; with the broker and franchise often oblivious to the transactions and clients. I knew I could do better so I developed Arizona Property Sales.

When you call Arizona Property Sales you will speak with the Designated Broker immediately. You can call business hours, evenings, weekends and holidays and I'll still answer. I answer because when you have a real estate question you deserve an answer immediately. This service reduces the stress for my clients as they are not waiting for important information.

Arizona Property Sales is a great place to refer your clients as my referral fees are paid from the gross commission amount not from some diluted number arrived at after the franchise and brokerage get their cut. That means more money in the referring agent's pocket which they deserve for referring their client to Arizona Property Sales.

Flexibility is important in real estate transactions. I can provide you with a full service real estate transaction which is what I prefer. I can also provide segmented services that provide only the part of my services that are needed in your unique circumstances. When it comes to the scope of work and commissions everything is negotiable at Arizona Property Sales.

When I write a contract I go the extra mile to find out not only what is acceptable to the parties but what is preferred or ideal and then we try to make that happen. It takes practice and experience to write a thoughtful and complete contract that performs effectively and positively for both parties. A good contract is your ticket to a good transaction. When I write your contract you can be sure it has been written by an experienced professional.

I have sold numerous homes, condos and townhouses and you should also know that I enjoy selling and leasing residential, commercial and industrial land and buildings. In real estate the only thing more interesting then the properties we sell and lease are the people we have the privilege of meeting along the way. Please contact me immediately so we can get busy on your project.

Agency in Arizona is established in writing. Please be sure to execute an agency agreement in writing with Arizona Property Sales before you consider Arizona Property Sales to be your agent.

David M Gurne, Flagstaff Broker and Realtor, follows the guidelines set out by the National Fair Housing Alliance in accordance with Equal Housing Opportunity real estate laws.